Descendants of Thomas Ballard


Eli Mann

Source FTM Vol#3 pedigree chart 3791

303. Alexander Mann

Sources on Children with Isabella: FTM Vol #3 pedigree #3791

307. John Houchins

John Houchins (1799-1855) (1: file 4 jacket 2449), John Houchins was a son of James and Mollie (Harvey) Houchins, who were married in 1798. He died in Fayette Co., West Virginia of cholera and was buried in the Keaton cemetary.
Celia's name on the marriage bond is given as "Sealy Step Mann". The bond was secured by Jacob Mann, Celia's father. John Houchins was the grandson of Edward Houchins who came to Virginia a little earlier than 1750. John was a carpenter and millwright and built most of of the early homes in Greenville. He was a person of great ingenuity and practical insight and when the water of the Red Sulphur Springs temporarily lost the perculiarity which gave it it's distinctive name, in consequence of some digging and blasting near by he was able to divide the trouble and effect a remedy.
"In 1899 on the anniversary of John Houchins birth, a family reunion was held by his descendants, then numbering, living and dead, two hundred and twenty five. Of these, 33 had died, all from natural causes, except John Shanklin, who was run over by a wagon. Among them were a number of professional life and in commerical or corporate employment. John, the ancestor, was very athletic and could leap after a run, a distance of 42 feet.
The world's record being 44 feet. John Houchins was the foreman who directed the building of the first frame structure of Indian Creek Church (1828). He was the Church Clerk from 1835 to his death in 1855. The earliest record in Monroe Co., of land acquired by John Houchins is a deed from *Benjamin Harvey and his wife Susannah for a certain tract or parcel of land containing 125 acres being part of a tract of land of five hundred and twenty acres by survey bearing the date of 15th, September, 1796. Granted on June 13, 1800 in Monroe Co., on the waters of Indian Creek adjoining William Lawrence and others. Beginning at White Oak on Cook's Run.
John and Celia had 11 children:
Caroline, Mary Ann, Allen D., Rufus, William, Amanda Jane, Granville, Syrena,
Clayton M., Elizabeth M., and Thompson.

309. Bennett Houchins

1850 census for Mercer Co., VA 42nd District lists Bennett Houchins 49 yrs, farmer, wife Nancy 45 yrs, Granville 22 - laborer, Harriet 20, James E, 18 yrs, George H., 12 yrs, And Sarah A., 8 yrs.

310. Elizabeth Houchins

Ancestral File 4.17 date of Elizabeth's birth.

Edmund Lilly

1850 census Mercer Co., VA 42nd district -lists Edmund Lilly head of household, age 46 b. VA farmer, value of real estate at 2,500. Wife Elizabeth 47 yrs, Celia A., 20 yrs, James E, 17 laborer, John A, 15 yrs, Issac 13 yrs, Henderson H., 11 yrs, Ballard W., 9 yrs and Sarah A. Harvey 14 yrs living with them.

570. James Edmunson Lilly

James Edmudson Lilly; 30th Batallion VA Sharpshooters, 2nd Lt/Pvt. Adam's Battery/Co. A. Signed a 10/14/61 forage request. Capt. as a 2nd Lt. at Ft. Donelson 2/16/62. POW Camp Chase and exchanged 8/25/62. Sent to Johnson's Island at Sandusky, Ohio and then to Vicksburg for exchanged by 9/1/62/ Furloughed from Emory Hospital between 3/1/64 and 3/31/64 as a Pvt. NF. Born 6/25/32. Father Edmund, mother Elizabeth. Brother of John A. Henderson, and Allen Lilly. Married Elizabeth E. Thompson on 3/20/ or 2/8/55 in Monroe Co., WVa and later married Elizabeth Pickett of NC in Kay Co., Oklahoma. Had 9 children from his first marriage and at least 3 from his second. Listed on 1860 Mercer Co., WVa census as farmer, age 28, married Elizabeth with 2 children, born VA...moved Oklahoma and Arkansas. Died 11/10/1910 at Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Nicknamed "Shady Jim."

571. John Alexander Lilly

John Alexander Lilly, soldier 30th Batallion VA Sharphooters; Pvt. Co A. Enl. 9/15/62 at Raleigh County Courthouse, Raleigh Co., WVa. Listed as deserted since 11/11/62. Returned by 12/31/62 and present until deserted 7/23/63. Res. Hans Creek, Monroe Co., WVa. Born 8/8/1834. Father Edmund mother Elizabeth. Brother of Henderson, Allen and James Lilly. Married Mary Elizabeth Griffith on 9/22/1859 in Raleigh County, WVa. and had at least 12 children. Listed on the 1860 Raleigh Co, census as age 25, married to Mary with no children. He was a carding and grist miller. His mill was known as Hull Mill on the mouth of of Big Beaver Creek on Piney Creek. Opened the first steam saw mill in the county on the Andy hull farm in Shady Springs in 1884. Ran for Raleigh County Sheriff in 1884 but came in second out of three candidates. Died 1/7/1889.